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Cargo Noir

High production value from Days of wonder and a great gate way game.
Will you be the best family when it comes to smuggling goods?

Pros / cons

– High quality components
– Straight forward rules so easy for newer board gamers
– Nothing major really but the fact the box won’t close completely after components are punched is a little annoying.


Another high-quality production gateway game from days of wonder. This is a game of trying to buy goods via a bidding mechanic to make sets of goods ie 5 lots of gold that you then trade in for cards that can expand your family and give you victory points most victory points at the end wins. I like the bidding aspect as it makes for a very interactive game especially with 4 or more players although the game will hold up with less players.

The relatively straight forward rules means I tend to only play it with people that are a little newer to gaming but there is nothing wrong with that and it’s one of those titles that I enjoy introducing people to.

Cargo Noir