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Munchkin Impossible

Munchkin with a spy theme, great role playing player improvement game rolled into a fun card game

Pros / cons

◦ New Munchkin theme
◦ Easier to get people to play this than a full on role playing game
◦ With the right crowd around a table there will be laugh out load moments
◦ Doesn’t have a board to keep visual track of things and this can be tricky for newer players


I like munchkin, I did find printing a little board map to keep track of player levels as well as printing a turn flow chart did make things a lot easier for new players to get into the game quickly. The game is pretty simple you try to advance your character to level 10 while fighting off baddies by working with or against the other players this can lead to some good team work and or back stabbing for an all round enjoyable lightweight game.IMG_0130