Azul is a great looking super tactile engaging game of tile drafting / placing in a sudoku styled puzzler with the opportunity to impact your opponents with careful planning.
Each player has a board that they are trying to complete with tiles drafted from the available shared factories in the centre of the table.
I would put this firmly in the gateway class of games it’s easy enough to teach to kids and has enough strategy that older players can enjoy it as well.
You can’t talk about Azul without talking about the absurdly high quality of the components the boards are thick and the tiles are just oh so pretty and pleasing to deal with even when you are taking more tiles than you can properly place and are facing negative points. Pictures really don’t do the finish of the tiles justice.

Great easy to play game
High quality components
More player interaction than you would expect
Alternative play more to increase replay ability

Scoring is perhaps not the cleanest and can take a few rounds or a game to get the hang of
Heavy handed or younger games might knock their score tracker off their board
The player one marker is a bit of a let down considering it is in play every round

An easy to setup / tear down game with fast rounds keeping people engaged makes this my current go game for kicking off game nights or introducing people to more modern board games, I strongly encourage people to check out a playthrough video or put it on your list for the next game café visit at the very least.

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