Mint Delivery

Mint Delivery is the follow up game to Mint Works from Justin Blaske at Five24 Labs it sits 2 – 4 people plays in under 30 mins and recommended from ages 13+ however I think in a game savvy house younger games can get involved.

Mint Delivery builds on the mint tin game formula with another easy to pick up yet surprisingly deep game that you can keep in your bag. This time you are competing to be the most successful mint delivery truck driver by collecting goods from warehouses and delivering them to the surrounding towns completing your order cards for victory points, think a fluid travelling salesmen puzzle. This is part resource management, resource advancement and route planning.

On your turn you can choose from a list of possible actions to progress your delivery driver to being employee of the month be this taking new order cards, loading mints on to your truck, fulfilling orders, unloading mints from your truck or upgrading mints.

The town map where all players delivery trucks sit has various drop off points for collecting new orders and dropping off completed orders the more difficult the order the more points for example an order might require more upgraded mints taking more turns to complete, warehouses for stocking your trucks with mints and upgrading your inventory of currently held mints.

The end game round is triggered based on the number of available new orders from the towns then the person with the highest number of points from completed order cards is the winner.


– small form factor game
– quick to setup and teach
– strategy and planning do pay off


– sometimes the winner is clear a number of rounds before the end.
– lack of map variety
– proposed solo mode is not out yet

Overall thoughts:

I really enjoy this addition to the Mint series, I can’t speak to the final build quality as I built a Print and Play version while the Kickstarter was running. With that in mind I think it speaks of the quality the game play has because it continues to hit the table and is enjoyed on games night while we wait for other games to start of seats to free up, even with my poorly constructed version.

I really hope the team continue to put out new mint tin games as both this and Mint Works are great example of what micro games can offer.



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