Weekly Roundup Week 4

A quick roundup of my thoughts, game plays of the week and other possible ramblings.

This last week was pretty hectic so I didn’t get a great number of things to the table.

Games that hit my table this week:

Tiny Epic Zombies, I have a lot of time for this compact easy to play game it really is a great title.

Street Rod, I’m still introducing people to this neat little hand advancement game.

Palm Island, I’m currently play testing this clever card advancement / resource management game.

I’ve recently been playing Netrunner again but to be honest I’m not on the hype train that I once was with it and am not sure I will invest further into it at this time, much sadness…

I also downloaded BG stats but still do an awful job of tracking plays, I plan to A) get better at tracking and B) see about exporting the data into my weekly roundup.

Our Instagram account reached over 100 followers and general page hit numbers are up as well.

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