Weekly Roundup Week 5

A quick roundup of my thoughts, game plays of the week and other possible ramblings.

This week we had our first TableTopMK of the year, this is monthly meetup I put together at our local craft beer pub. It was a good turn out with a stack of games played including Azul, Pandemic, Jaipur and Race for the Galaxy.

Outside of the TableTopMK event other games to hit my table were

Agricola all creatures big and small, I love this two player game – writeup in the works

7 Wonders duels, I suffered an epic loss but always a joy to play.

Star realms, yup another classic two player title

I also tackled Race for the Galaxy again after playing it for the first time at the TableTopMK night as I had it in my library for a long time but feared the iconography, it really isn’t that difficult and a great game once you get over the initial learning curve.

Still not sure on posting stats.

Instagram and page hits are continuing on the up.

— Good Week

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