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Pulp Detective WIP – Preview

WIP Pulp Detective build

Pulp Detective is the latest game from Todd Sanders and is on KickStarter, it sits 1-2 plays in 20 – 30 mins and recommended from ages 14+.


The version I have is from the early prototype files posted in the BoardGameGeek forums and there are some core changes between this version and the version on KS in how cards work together etc., that said this review should give you a feel for the game play.

Core Concept:

Pulp Detective sees you take on cases that you have 24 hours or less to gather clues and confront a suspect to solve the case. This is a card and dice game that has you making decisions each round as to how best beat the game.

Light Overview:

Game setup is fast, there are three card types that form your core deck (follow a lead, cliff-hanger and informants) these are shuffled together, there is a stats card to track stamina, this correlates to how many dice are at your disposal. A clue tracker, the aim of the game is to gather four clues and then confront your suspect. Case file name and time tracker as well as your character card. There are a number of dice and markers that get put to one side.

Each round time marches on and you draw three cards from the deck keeping them face down you pick one to discard one to return to the deck and one to investigate, the card backs are different for each card type so you can choose based on requirements for the situation for example if you require an item you could investigate the Follow a Lead card as this is more likely to reward an item for completing it.

Once you have picked your card to investigate you check the card details to see how to successfully investigate, this is done by rolling the dice and matching the symbols. If you manage to match all the symbols you successfully investigated the card and receive the reward on the card, should you fail the investigation you suffer the negative effect of the card, this could be losing more time on your tracker, losing items or even losing stamina reducing the dice available in future investigations. Failing an investigation isn’t all bad however as you can take one of the rolled symbols and bank it for future use taking some of the sting out of purely relying on dice.

That is the basic premise of the game there are different characters to play as that have their own abilities and in the final versions there is some new mechanics like building out and matching cards to gain re-rolls adding more strategy to your card choice.


– Simple setup
– Solo mode
– Great artwork / theme
– High replay value


– Not really able to list anything as this is an early build so not 100% representative of the final game play.

Overall thoughts:

I really like this game, based on this WIP version I am impressed and looking forward to seeing the final version. I think this could make a great game night filler or be an everyday carry for a lunchtime play through



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  1. Andrew Montague

    I am looking forward to seeing this in it’s completed state. There are a lot of Sci-Fi and Fantasy games out there and so it’s nice to see an different setting that looks like it has really absorbed the excellent flavour the setting provides.

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