Weekly Roundup Week 7

A quick roundup of my thoughts, game plays of the week and other possible ramblings.

The past week or so has seen our house struck down with the latest sickness hence the lack of content however that didn’t stop me building a new PnP to review and getting a bunch of plays in.

Top of the Print and Play review pile is Goblin Grapple so expect a review before the crowd funding campaign starts.

Goblin Grapple PnP

Other games to hit the table include Race for the Galaxy and Star Realms again Pulp Detective still got a lot of table time also played Dominion and my first play of Tides of Time.

I did want to play Legendary Predator but got lost in the setup as I do not have everything labeled and ultimately opted for Dominion to keep game night moving, must print and sort next week…

The youtube videos of Pulp Detective as well as the reviews were well received:

YouTube Video

Pulp Detective Preview

Hits across all platforms are continuing on the up.

— Good Week.

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