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Goblin Grapple – Review

Goblin Grapple PnP

Goblin Grapple is the latest game from Silver Gaming Company it sits 2-4 plays in around 30 mins and recommended from ages 8+.

This review is based on the print and play version released.

Core Concept

Goblin Grapple is a push your luck bluffing card game where the goal is to amass an army of goblins and fend off challenges from you opponents with the ultimate aim of securing your troops to gain victory points, the first to pass 100 points wins.

Light Overview

Setup is fast, you shuffle all the cards together and deal five to each player the reaming cards are the shared draw pile. Going clockwise each player draws a card and then takes any number of the following actions as many times as you like.

– Add card from your hand face down to your army.
– Play an action card from hand – the Goblin Spy card allows you to view an opponent’s hand and trade one card with them.
– Challenge an opponent’s army. – To do this you pick a card from your hand and place it face up, your chosen opponent then flips the top card of their army, The point values are compared and the winner takes both cards into their garrison*. In the event of a tie the defending player can choose to place another card from hand face down then the attacker can challenge this with a card from their hand, if it is a tie again the defend can choose to add a card and this continues until there is a winner for the encounter with winner then taking all the cards to their garrison.

*Cards remain here and cannot be moved or challenged and once one players garrison totals 21 or more points that is the end of the round.
At the end of each round all players discard all cards in hand, add up the points in their garrison and army and make a note of the scores to keep track, all cards from the round are then shuffled back together and five cards are dealt out to each player again (the dealer / starting player moves clockwise each round)

Mid two player game
Mid two player game

– lightweight rules so quick to explain
– quick setup
– nice push your luck bluffing mechanic
– clean card design with nice art


– would have liked more action cards
– We did run into some standoffs where players did not do anything on their turn other than take cards but expect this could be resolved with a minor rules tweak.

Overall thoughts:

Goblin Grapple is a neat little game and it certainly has its place in my library, I tend to play this with younger gamers or as a game night filler in between heavier games. With it’s impressive artwork easy to grasp rules and game play I can see this having great appeal with family’s looking to reduce screen time and having a post dinner game. I think it is a great example of an easy to learn game with both push your luck and bluffing elements and I would love to see if this solid framework gets built upon in the future with more cards.
Kickstarter Due to launch May 6th 2018


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