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Space Princess – Preview

Space Princess is the latest game from designer Michael Addison published by Nerdy Pup Games. It sits 2 players, plays in around 15-20 mins, and recommended from ages 13+.

This preview is based on the PnP play version offered on the Indiegogo campaign page.

Core Concept:

Space Princess is a neat movement / action programming type game where the aim of the game depends on which side you play, the Princess has to reach an escape pod located on an outer edge of the modular board and Zealot wins by entering the same space as the Princess or having one of his troops successfully fire a shot and hit the Princess.

Light Rules Overview:

There are a few modes of play but I will cover the basic version here.
Setup is fast you place tiles alternating between corridors and doors tiles, pick who will play as the princess and zealot with each player then taking the relevant pieces and cards. Place the pawns on the board in their starting spaces and shuffle your action cards, now you are ready to play.

Each turn players take the top two action cards from their deck they pick one to play and return the other to the bottom of the deck. The chosen card is placed face down until both players have picked a card then they are revealed. The action cards each have a number and the lowest number action card is resolved first.

The action cards will allow you to do things like move your character, rotate tiles and fire shots.

Play continues like this until a win condition is met, should your action card deck be depleted you just shuffle your discarded cards to refresh your draw deck.

Space Princess Mid Game
Mid game, the holo is in play and is distracting…

– Nice theme and artwork
– Light weight / easy to teach and setup
– Supporting a great cause
– Multiple play modes


– Rotating tiles could move the other tiles but that might be less of an issue with the final product as mine is homemade

Overall thoughts:

This ticks a number of boxes for me, a quick easy to learn and play strategy game for two is usually well played in my house. we had a number of games that were really down to the last two turns and it could have gone either way, this was well received because it kept players engaged and wanting to replay the game. I don’t think you will find yourself playing stacks of games back to back but I don’t think that is a bad thing.

I would recommend anyone in the market for a two player game with the bonus feel good factor of supporting a great cause should have Space Princess high on their list.


Space Princess Campaign Page

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