Weekly Roundup Week 11

A quick roundup of my thoughts, game plays of the week and other possible ramblings.

OK so I have suffered from the continued sickness but a run of 24 hours of bed rest has certainly helped, despite ongoing runny noses, coughs etc in the house we have managed to get some games in.

This weeks play priority was Castles of Caleira so that I could get a review out while the campaign is live so that was played a bunch and the review is here I want to get an elevator pitch video complete as well.


Other games to hit the table include the Harry Potter Deck building game, we have just completed game 4, Space princess saw another couple plays as did Palm Island and Arkon So I feel that speaks to their quality that I still look to play them post review plays.

On the topic of Harry Potter I did see the mini’s game go live for preorder and it seems rather pricey as is the way with mini based games but I am interested follow info as it comes out.

I did want to play Arkham Horror LCG as I’ve had the core box for a while now and not got it to the table but I just couldn’t face it this week.

Hits across all platforms are continuing on the up.

— Good Week.

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