Welcome to DinoWorld – Review

Welcome to DinoWorld

Welcome to DinoWorld is the latest game web published game from James O’Connor it sits one or more players, plays in around 30 mins and recommended from ages 6+ however I would say 10+ is probably more on point.

This review is based on a home printed version of the files published.

Core Concept:

Welcome to DinoWorld is a pen and paper, roll and write area enclosure game where each player is trying to build a series of dinosaur enclosures or other buildings as well as a path so visitors can visit the various enclosures all while dealing with potential Dino breaches.

This is a free to print game that only requires 1 printed page a pen and a few dice if you wanted to read the rules digitally.


Light Rules Overview:

The game is very simple to play in terms of rules, there are only three phases to play through each round and they are:

  • Acquisition phase – this is where you will be expanding your park with buildings
  • Path phase – this is where you add paths for visitors to be able to get to attractions
  • Security phase – this is where we see if the Dino’s have done enough damage to escape

When the game starts you only have access to one die for acquisition / path phase, you roll the die and assign the value shown to one of the buildings/ pens available to you then you draw that on your map and label as outlined on the map you then use the same rolled die value and draw the associated path anywhere in the park, buildings / pens / paths do not need to be built connected but they only score points at the end of the game if they are connected to a patch that can lead back to the park entrance.

The last phase is the security phase where you roll two dice and check the value if it matches an enclosure type you have built it means the Dino’s are testing the pen and do damage to it should they do enough damage they can break out and later in the game if they escape they can even do damage to adjacent enclosures, much sadness.

That’s it really just rinse and repeat until an end game condition is met and this could be a maximum number of Dino breakouts has occurred or a player is unable to place any more acquisitions or paths, add up the points of valid Dino enclosures + attractions and take away any negative breakout points, highest score wins.



  • Easy to put together
  • Simple to teach and play
  • Interesting use of dice


  • I’d like to see a return to Dino World with more dinosaur’s / buildings
  • I think this could make it as a production game and it would be great to see that


Overall thoughts:

This was my first dip of the toe into the world of roll and write style games and I think I might be hooked, I have a few more printed but at only one required sheet needing to be printed I can honestly say this is worth it. When I first played this I ended up playing several games back to back to try new strategies and see how I could improve upon my previous scores and I think that ability to have a solo game that you look to get better at is always a great sign. The game also shines when playing multiplayer, what I like here is that the dice rolls are used for all players but you can use the values differently so you will all have wildly different parks by the end game and that was great to see. It reminded me of galaxy trucker meets Barenpark rolled up in our favourite dinosaur franchise so in summary a lot of win for a very low barrier to entry.



Game – http://www.gencant.com/welcome-to-dino-world/

BGG – https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/232524/welcome-dinoworld

Twitter – https://twitter.com/StellarisGames

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