Undead Road – Review

Undead Road

Undead Road is the latest game from designer Federico Franco published by Arnár Estudios it sits 1-2 players per deck, plays in 5+ mins and recommended from ages 7+ but due to zombie theme this might be worth saving for slightly older gamers.

This review is based on the PnP version.

Core Concept:

Undead Road is a zombie survival game where you are fated to fail to the zombies, the question is how long you can survive? this is measured by way of how many waves* of zombies you can defeated.

*a wave is playing through the complete deck of cards

Light Rules Overview:

Setup is as simple as giving each player a character card and shuffling the remaining cards to form a draw deck.

Each turn sees a player draw the top card and resolve it in one of the potential ways listed below:

  • Resource cards can be equipped to your character
  • Draw cards have you drawing and resolving more cards in the turn
  • Zombie cards must be eliminated either by using resources that are equipped or losing health

Resources can also be exchanged between players so long as a zombie card has not been drawn or the zombie card has been defeated.

Health and resource use is limited and represented by rotating cards and should all character run out of health the game is lost, should the draw deck run out of cards you have defeated a wave of zombies, shuffle all discarded cards to see if you can defeat another wave.

What works:

  • Simple to teach and setup.
  • Good mix of resource cards including a dog.
  • Functional design of tracking health etc by way of rotating cards.

Areas of opportunity:

  • A rule book proof read / tweaking.
  • Alternative game modes or difficulty.
  • Rules tweak for single player.


Overall thoughts:

So here we are another zombie game of which there are many and anther super portable game of which I have looked at several. I like it but it’s not perfect for example, In solo mode I could be swamped pretty quickly and not drawing into resources but this can be overcome by having a starting load-out house rule, we found on occasion when playing with both survivor characters we managed to have a good run of cards and completed many waves and it became a little tiresome but again with a tweak this could change, I thought maybe if you had a boss at the end of the wave so you look to manage your resources for the end level fight could be interesting.

I like the potential for custom cards and expansions that Undead Road offers by have a simple but good foundation in mechanics to build upon and given the low cost of a production build as well as a payed for PnP option it’s worth a look if your in the market for a portable zombie filler game.


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