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SSO – Preview


Space Ship Omega (SSO) is the latest game from designer Glen Ford and published by Man O’ Kent Games it sits one to six players, plays in 60ish mins and recommended from ages 14+ however you might get away with a smidge younger if they are not solo playing.

This review is based on review version I home printed.

Core Concept

SSO is a semi Co-Op survival game in space, whilst most Co-Ops will see you all win or lose collectively this does allow win at an individual level without a traitor type mechanic.

Light Rules Overview

Setup is fast, layout the location cards, deal out command crew cards and then players receive non command crew cards. The game is then broken down into phases:

Activation Phase:
Issuing / actioning activation cards

Check Phase:
Resolving effects, seeing if crew have died, rolling down oxygen, performing, crew action or location specific actions and checking / resolving failed or successfully mission status

Challenge Phase:
Change state (flip) ship cards, issue challenge cards, if there are no challenge cards, living crew have won – There is also a voting step here for engaging with missions

Death Phase:
Yeah this will happen, for sure… it involves reducing morale, removing tokens / cards of dead crew things of that nature.

That is a ridiculously diluted version of the phases but I didn’t want to get bogged down in it as the KickStarter Campaign preview covers it well already (link at the bottom)

What works:

– Artwork has subtle qualities that I really like and work thematically for me
– Small box game that delivers
– The fact the game system is against the challenge deck means the scope for scenarios is great and I am all aboard the hype train for that.

Areas of opportunity:

– I really like the option for one vs all and I think that could be worth exploring here even if it was a specific challenge deck for that mode with rules tweaks to enable it.
– I think the number of steps in the phases looks a little daunting, that said I’m not sure how I would address it at this time, maybe a video series breaking down each phase?

Overall thoughts:

SSO is a compact survival game in space, everything from the cards having that old school vibe to the bleakness of your situation draws you into this game and you get a great sense of achievement from a well-executed win. The potential here is amazing and the pricing structure represents incredible value for money.. I really encourage you to take a closer look at SSO, the rule book is available on the campaign page as well as some novel rewards above the base game.


Kickstarter link

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