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Sprawlopolis – Preview

Sprawlopolis Cards

Sprawlopolis is the latest game from publisher Button Shy it sits 1-4 players, plays in 15 – 20 mins and recommended from ages 8+
This review is based on the review version I home printed

Core Concept

Sprawlopolis is a co-op micro puzzle / tile laying game of city building with a solo option, the game features variable goals using double sided cards.

Light Rules Overview

containing only 18 cards setup is easy shuffle all the cards and deal out three cards goal side up, this will give you both your target score for victory and the additional ways to score your city at the end of the game. From the remaining cards the starting player gets three city cards and all other players get one, set the last of the city cards aside city side up and take the top card placing on the table to be the starting point of your city.

Game setup for solo play
Game setup for solo play

Turn Phases:
Each round sees you play one card from hand, pass the remaining cards in your hand to the next player and then draw a card, play continues in this way, discussion of your cards is encouraged but you can’t reveal your cards and one you select a card from your hand to play it must be played.

Playing cards:
Cards must be block edge to block edge (each card is divided into four blocks), you can place cards so they partially overlap existing cards, this can even create empty spaces in your city, you cannot place cards under existing cards or rotate them so they are not in the same orientation as the other cite cards, portrait vs landscape however 180 degree rotation is fine.

End Game:
Once all cards have been placed you go through adding up the standard scoring of blocks taking away a road tax and then working out points from your goal cards to see if your total beats the win game requirement.

End Game - Points time
End Game – Points time
What works:

– Great objective mechanic using double sided cards to give high replay value.
– Artwork is nice and not distracting from the game
– Fast paced and encourages team discussion

Areas of opportunity:

– A minor thing was score tracking, this is being addressed by way stretch goal
– More, I just want more, I like the idea of the mini expansion they announced, and I feel this can be built upon…

Overall thoughts:

Sprawlopolis is a clever puzzler that sees you striving for efficiency, it works as well in solo as it does in co-op with heaps of replay value I can see this being a go to game for all kinds of situations.
So, there you go another great example of innovation in the micro game space, Sprawlopolis needs to be in your bag or on your person as an everyday carry.


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