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Gorus Maximus – Preview

Gorus Maximus is the latest game from Inside Up Games it sits 2 – 8 players, plays in 20 to 45 minutes and the recommended from age is listed as PG 13 due to the cuteness meets torn limbs artwork from Kwanchai Moriya.

Core concept:

Gorus Maximus is a trick taking game and it’s a mechanic I don’t have a great deal of experience with but am learning to see the value of. In Gorus maximus players are dealt cards that they then play with the aim of winning the trick (the pot of played cards) to gain points and ultimately win the game.

light rules overview:

Setup is super is easy there are 5 schools (think card suits) of cards that all have cards numbered 0 – 12 based on the number of players you may end up playing with fewer schools and fewer numbered cards once this has been sorted just shuffle the cards that are to be played with and deal out 10 to each player, set aside the preferred school tracker, tracker token and victory tokens then you are ready to enter the battle.

The game is made up of rounds and bouts a round being completed when all cards in players hands have been played and a bout being when each player has played one card.

The first card played in a round denotes the preferred school (think card suit) and cards from this school are the trump cards they will win against all other schools even if they are a lower value however this can be changed if someone plays the same number card from a different school now making that the preferred school or trump suit on the table, this is called a challange.

Players must if able to play cards from their hand that are from the school as the initiating school unless they have none or are challenging.

once all players have played one card the highest value card owner wins the bout and takes all the cards, puts them to one side for scoring at the end of the round.

The first card played in a bout denotes the initiating school so still high value but wont beat a preferred school

Highest value is worked out as follows:

Strongest gladiator from preferred school if none from preferred school strongest gladiator initiating school

2 player game example hand, no points for guessing the origins of the temporary tokens
2 player game example hand, , no points for guessing the origins of the temporary tokens.

once all bouts are complete each player adds up the cards the have previously won and the highest scorer wins the round and gains a victory token, the first to three wins the game.

What Works:

– The Artwork is just incredible I’ve been a long time fan of Kwanchai and some of my first print and play games were re-themes he had done
– Great lightweight game

Areas of opportunity:

– If I had to pick something I think player aid / cheat sheet cards might help new players
– This is better played with more people and struggles sitting 2, but I’m not sure how the rules could be tweaked to improve with 2.

Overall thoughts:
With the super slick gameplay and beautiful art this is an instant win for me I didn’t think a bear eating someones arm would be cute* but it is so go back this on KickStarter now.

*Official Cutest bear eating a human arm with an ostrich in the game award winner 2018

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