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Supertall – Preview

Supertall is the latest game from designer Nathaniel Levan being published by Button Shy, it sits 2-3 players, plays in around 20 mins and recommended from ages 8+

This review is based on the PnP play version made available during the Kickstarter campaign

Core Concept:

Supertall falls into a few categories including set collection and take that, it sees players try to construct skyscrapers but with variable point conditions a well plaid end game can disrupt even the best laid plans.

Light Rules Overview:

This is super easy, shuffle the deck, deal one to each player, deal one to form city hall and then divide the remaining cards into three roughly equal face down piles.
Players then reveal and place their cards you are then ready to go.

On your turn:

Each turn you take one card from any of the draw piles you can then:
– Submit the design > place the card on top of any tower.
– Scrap the plan > place the card on top of city hall.
– Rezone* > Use the cards ability and then put the card on the bottom of a draw pile
*this can not be done with the last card of the game

Then the next player takes their turn, rinse and repeat until there are no draw cards remaining then go through the process of adding up to see who wins and this is where the depth and complexity of this wallet game come to light because the top most card in each tower defines it’s scoring condition and this can be affected by it’s neighboring skyscrapers and if they match the city hall card type they wont score anything for that tower.

What works:

– Multi use cards, I really like the flexibility they give you considering you are drawing only one card per turn.
– The iconography and general card design explains the functions of the cards clearly.
– Portable game that’s simple enough to explain but with surprising depth

Areas of opportunity:

– I really like a solo option with such portable games not sure if a beat the game or robot player could work here.
– They have already announced an expansion, so I’m interested to see how they would play.

Overall thoughts:

It’s another win from the team at Button Shy, I’m constantly impressed by the range of both theme and mechanics that can be boiled down with the constraints of 18 cards. If you’re in the market for a super portable take that experience Supertall needs to be high up on your list.


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